Sam Brunskill

Abr 05 2024

Sam Brunskill

Hi, I’m Sam. I got in your inbox from a precision-trained team of tech-savvy Labrador Retrievers.
OK…I got in from your website contact form at

Let’s cut to the chase, shall we?

If you’re even the slightest bit curious how this whole message is crafted by chatgpt, would you be open to a quick 7-minute chat that is shorter than a microwave minute?

I promise to leave you with actionable ChatGPT prompt ideas you can straight-up copy paste to create hyper personalized emails.
I might even tell you the lamest joke I know that is guaranteed to make you chuckle… or at least force an awkward smile!

Here’s the kicker: I’ll roll up my sleeves and do a USD990 value, zero-cost audit on your site and the sites of your competitors.
Everything from the winning and losing keywords to the ad spends, Facebook ads and Tiktok ads – the whole enchilada with action report you can use.
I’ll show you how my AI companion and I dug up insider info to craft this very message (yep, this nugget of joy is written by GPT4 and submitted automatically to your website’s contact form).
I’ll even set up a custom system like this for your business and send you targeted 100 leads to test-drive – at absolutely no cost to you.

No beastly contracts or blood oaths, promise.

You can also click here to watch a video on this special AI system that will help you book appointment engage user in your tone and you can create an account for free to try it out.

Your delightfully colorful, possibly profanity-filled response is eagerly awaited.

Make today ridiculously amazing,

SEO Wizard / AI Enthusiast / Connoisseur of Bad Jokes

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