Cathern Coyle

Mar 10 2024

Cathern Coyle

Does your salad contain this vegetable?

New research out of the University of Verona, Italy found an ingredient called lectin found inside this so-called “healthy” vegetable will poke holes in your gut, the lining of your intestine…

meaning it cannot absorb nutrients, increasing inflammation and slowing your metabolism, making you fatter and sicker.

Researchers found lectin is so dangerous its now referred to as a “anti-nutrient”…

And it’s found in this everyday vegetable.

Yes it sounds crazy.

I thought that too, but then I saw this alarming video.

So what is this evil vegetable?

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To your health!

PS. Don’t eat another salad until you watch the video. It’s scary, because millions of us are eating this dangerous vegetable every day. Studies show this could explain today’s obesity epidemic. It’s not because your not dieting enough, it’s because you’re eating this evil vegetable.